Tich is a singer from United Kingdom United Kingdom.


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Lyrical Song Contest 10 Edit

Tich will represent Fanta Islands Fanta Islands in the 10th edition of Lyrical Song Contest with the song "Breathe in breathe out".

A tour will be held as promotion for her participating.

Tour dates:

20/10 - Fanta Islands Fanta Islands

21/10 - Eurovisia2 Eurovisia

22/10 - Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands

23/10 - RoM Republic of Marsodia

24/10 - Artntry Artntry

25/10 - Gaitaniatwo Gaitania

26/10 - Engeos Engeos

27/10 - ErHa Erezin Halla

Edition Country Song Place Points
10 Fanta Islands Fanta Islands Breathe in Breathe out

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