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Capital: Ickaton

Population: 4 132 001 (July 2015)

National language(s):

Whitelandic (81%)

Norwegian (10%)

Slovene (9%)

Demonym: Whitelandic


Official DVK logo

Broadcaster: Den Vite Kanal (NO: Den hvite kanal/ ENG: The White Channel)

The Whitelands borders to 4 countries, Keyholeland, United States of Flowers, South Kordom & Depressive State.

The Whitelands Map

The Whitelands is divided into 11 states:

Northern Whiteland: The most northern state. Borders to Depressive State and it has 1 airport.

Dekeron: Named after the bordering countries(Depressive State, Keyholeland & Republic oNorjam). The third largest city, Depnok is located here. Has the most northern train station with routes all over the country.

Mawhiti: The largest state. Ickaton, the capital is in this state. It also has an airport with international air bridges and a train station. In the western part of the country are the largest mountain in the country.

Lvit: One of the states in the west. Lvit borders to the Republic of Norjam. It has a train station with departures to all over The Whitelands. Lvit got its name after the shape of the state, which is a "L".

Vithem: Is the state in the middle. Vithem is the only state in The Whitelands that doesnt border to other countries or have a coastline. Like many other states, it has a train station.

Thumbsup: This state is formed like a hand with its thumb up. That is why it's called "Thumbsup". This state owns one of the two ports in the country.

Hattlan: Is located south for Vithem. Has a train station. The Cargo Department for Trains(CDT) is located here and ships cargo to the port in Little Bahamas and to the rest of the country. In the west of the state it is an airport built for regional transport.

Whitelandica: Is the most western state of the country. The second largest city of The Whitelands, Whitelandia is there. Whitelandia Int. Airport is the largest airport in the country with departures and arrivals all over the world.

New Bahamas: New Bahamas is the "warmest" state in the country where people and tourists goes on holiday. This state has only 200 people living here. But have over 400 000 tourists and Whitelanders on holiday every year.

Power State: Power State is the "electric capital" of The Whitelands. Over 50% of the area in this state is covered by PowerPlants to generate electricity to all the Whitelandic states except Dekeron, Northern Whiteland, Mawhiti & Thumbsup which gets their from coal powerplants in the caves in the mountains of Mawhiti.

Floviork: Floviork is named up by the name of the country it borders to. The official language in this state is Flowerish(USoF). It lives more people from USoF here than Whitelanders.

The FlagEdit

The flag of The Whitelands2 The Whitelands is a rectangular shaped flag with various shapes in it. The red triangles pointing at eachother represents the blood of the people coming together establishing the nation. The blue cross represents the lakes in the country and the ocean coming in from the east. At last, the white represents the snowy winters and the arctic placing of the country.

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Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Grand Final Points Semi-Final Points
10 Michelle Branch Everywhere 10 124 07 98
11 Melanie Amaro Don't Fail Me Now 06 171 05 72
12 Brian McFadden ft. Delta Goodrem Mistakes 01 208 01 153
13 Lauren Aquilina Sinners 06 208 "Host"
14 The Saturday's Not Giving Up 11 108 "No Semi-Finals"
15 Chinook Go Home 08 176 "Automatically Qualified"
16 Ariana Grande & The Weeknd Love Me Harder 01 256 01 203
17 Nyusha Tsunami 05 131 "No Semi-Finals"
18 Severina & Učiteljice Generale 06 115
19 Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat Song 02 126 03 143
20 Erika Selin Break Me 04 157 04 121
21 Radiokiller It Hurts Like Hell 14 104 "No Semi-Finals"
22 Marina & The Diamonds How To Be A Heartbreaker 07 155 03 156
23 Carly Rae Jepsen I Really Like You 02 176 "No Semi-Finals"
24 Kat Dahlia I Think I'm In Love 05 205 "Automatically Qualified"
25 Jacquie Lee Broken Ones 12 129
26 Meg Myers Sorry 05 193 05 86
27 Hilary Duff Sparks 10 212 "Automatically Qualified"
28 Plumb TBA

Junior Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Grand Final Points Semi-Final Points
01 Mathea-Mari #online TBA TBA "No Semi-Finals"

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