This article is about The Former Republic of Marsodia, which has ceased to exist.

The territory is now taken by Kayania2 Kayania, after the chapter about the Armed Forces of the Grasslands.

The Republic of Marsodia



Official language

Dutch, Local Dialects.

Ethnic groups

85% Dutch, 15% Other Ethnicities

Type of Government

Parliamentary Democracy

Prime Minister

Jeffry Schoenmakers


Guus Schoenmakers


2 sq. km


3670 (2014)


1835 citizens per


Mardis (MAR)


Marsodia bordered within
the province of Limburg,
The Netherlands in 2014.


Became independent in March 2012 from Dutch municipality Valkenburg aan de Geul after severe unhappiness by citizens and has since developed into a high-worthy community drawing in citizens on a small basis, buying up non-used acres of land once in a year from surrounding Dutch municipalities, in order to expand.

It also has a radio antenna, from which it broadcasts the local radio and has its' own TV station, hosted by TheRagingFalcon TV (TRF TV)

On 3 November, 2014, it was announced in a breaking news press release, that the nearby village of Hulsberg, has been bought from Dutch municipality Nuth.



Actual logo from Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling.

Marsodia is discussing with neighbour country and municipality Valkenburg aan de Geul for an overtake of their football club Walram and using their field as homebase for the Marsodian national football team. So far no agreement has been established.

Pro-Wrestling is a big thing in Marsodia, and has its' own promotion that is able to go on tour in nearby countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany, called Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling, with 3 shows broadcasted live each week and hosting a Pay-Per-View each month.


Below is the latest monthly financial graph; from October, 2014. [thus excluding the purchase of the village of Hulsberg, which was bought in November]

Marsodia - Financial Graph October

Partnerships & Partner CountriesEdit

Partner CountriesEdit

San Clementino2 San Clementino became the 1st official partner country of the Republic of Marsodia on 3 November, 2014.

Prime Minister Jeffry Schoenmakers stated that it would be great to help develop eachothers' countries on housing and commercial projects.

Prime Minister Jani from San Clementino acknowledged the partnership just minutes after the PM's statement.

International Fantasy Song ContestEdit

The Republic of Marsodia debuted in edition 10 of the International Fantasy Song Contest, and withdrawed after that. In the edition they sent a recorded version of Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed A Dream" and finished 8th out of 17.

Edition Artist Song Place Points
10 Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream 08 61

Lyrical Song ContestEdit

The Republic of Marsodia debuted in edition 9 of Lyrical Song Contest, and put in full-force media attention by sending in the mentally-handicapped Zanger Rinus and girlfriend Deborah as first act. They finished 11th out of a field of 12.

For edition 10, they put their hopes up on a National Selection, featuring Soraya Arnelas, Sanna Nielsen, Wes & Rick Astley, of which the latter has given his song "Never Gonna Give You Up" to Marsodia as national anthem, as a gift for asking him to take part.

For edition 11, after a National Selection they went with winner of LYSC 7, Kika, but was overthrown for German-born singer Anna-Maria Zimmermann.


Zanger Rinus performing with his girlfriend Deborah in the video for "Romana op de scooter"

Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
Edn. Host Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
9 Netherlands Netherlands Zanger Rinus "Waar Moet 'ie In?" 11 47 No Semi-Final
10 Gaitaniatwo Gaitania Soraya Arnelas "In My Blood" 18 58 Auto-Qualified
11 Republica Blanca2 República Blanca Anna-Maria Zimmermann "Non Plus Ultra" 18 76 07 61

Countries in the Lyrical Song Contest
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