Nohime Queendom
Nohime Queendombig



Official language


Ethnic groups

60% Japanese, 24% Korean, 15% Chinese, 1% Others (mostly: Hungarian and Latvian)

Type of Government


Queen & King:

Nouhime the II & Odaouji


1 million (2011)


WonYenYuan (WYY)


Nohime Queendom is a country, where the females have more power than the males.

The climate is continental so the winters are cold while the summers are hot.

The musical industry of the country only support Divas and indeed they live in luxury and are also invited to live with the Queen. They are ranked into numbers and each queen is treated like the actual one. The most important ones are: Amuro Namie(Queen of Hip-Pop), Hamasaki Ayumi(Party Queen), Koda Kumi (Queen of Live singing),The other ethnicies has some queens but they are irrevelant mostly But only one of them is important and it is the precious Samanta Tina (Queen of Essig macht lar). She is on par with the 3 Queens mentioned above.

The people of the country speculate that if Nohime even exsist because you mainly see the 4 sub-queen in every political event or everywhere possible.

Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Grand Final Points Semi-Final Points
10 Koda Kumi "Dance In The Rain" 07 133 06 104
11 Yazima Biyoshitsu "Hamaguri Bomber" 14 100 09 54

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