This article is about the Merisla Islands in online song contests.

Merisla Islands


St. Jersey

Official language


Ethnic groups

63,5% English, 20% Brazilian , 9,5% Spanish , 7% German


Unitary parliamentary democracy

Prime minister

To be elected (27.10.2014)


975 sq km


45.000 (2014)


216.6/sq km


Merislan Pound

Time zone

GMT-4 (summer: GTC-6)

National day

19 October

Drives on the


Calling code


Internet TLD



Be who you are

National anthem



Citizens: 0.045 mio.
Area: 975 sq km

Location: Merisla Islands is a small island located between Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

Full name: Republic of Merisla Islands


The current president is Mario Hu-Loziar, after being voted by 67% of the public at the elections on the 24th March 2015. Hanna Husens, candidate from the Conservative Union, has received 33%. A close conntection between Dasmia,Keyholeland and Trollum & Beatum has been requested as a wish by Hu-Loziar. 

The next elections will take place in the end of July.


On the 26th March 2015, a huge bomb attack hit the downtown of St. Jersey. More than 56 people have died, more than 100 got hurt. It is unknown so far who attack the island.

Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Table key

     Second place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete
Edition Artist Song Grand Final Points Semi-Final Points
10 Gavin DeGraw Fire 02 205 02 127
11 Alesso ft. Tove Lo Heroes (we could be) 03 220 02 86
22 Alexa Feser Das Gold von Morgen 14 83 09 68
23 Ani Lorak Flower 04 150 "No Semi-Finals"
24 Cascada Reason
25 Liber & Natalia Szroeder Teraz Ty

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