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Full Name: Republic of Maharlika (Filipino: Republika Ng Mahardika)

National Anthem: Sulong Mahardika (Onward Maharlika!)

Capital City: Clark

Largest City: Clark (3,771,073)

Official Languages: Filipino, English

Optional Languages: Arabic, Spanish

Ethnic groups: 85.6% Maharlikans (consists of Spanish, Australians with British ancestry and mostly Filipino with Malay and Hispanic ancestry), 14.4% Others

Demonym: Maharlikan

Government: Federal, semi-presidental republic (de facto a parliamentary republic)

President: Samuel Duterte

Prime Minister: Maria Santiago

Independence from Philippines:

Establishment - December 23, 1696

Part of Philippines - June 12, 1898

United States control - July 4, 1902

Part of Philippines - July 4, 1946

Independence from Philippines declared: September 1, 2014

Self goverment - September 15, 2014

Current constitution - September 16, 2014

Population: 20,754,229 (July 11, 2015)

Code: MHL, MAH

Currency: Maharlikan Peso (Mhp, ₱)

Time zone: MST (UTC +8), does not observe DST

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +45

History Edit

The Tagalog people settled in Maharlika 50,000 years ago

The Chinese and Indians came to Maharlika for trade in 12th century

The Islam spreaded out through the country in 1480s

1702 - 90% of the country became incorporated into Spanish Empire and were Hispanicized and Christianized

Maharlika was a former Spanish colony from 1702 to 1898

1901 - Maharlika came under Americans

December 29, 1941 - The Japanese troops attacked Maharlika

1946 - After the World War II, Americans sold Maharlika and gave it to the British

1970 - British gave up Maharlika and once again became part of Philippines

July 16, 1990 - Tagaytay and 4 towns in South Maharlika experienced the effects of magnitude 7.8 earthquake from Philippines, 20 were dead and hundreds of famillies displaced

June 9, 1997 - A magnitude 6.5 earthquake strucked in Subic, Maharlika, Leaving 100,432 dead and almost all historical buildings collapsed, This is the storngest earthquake in Maharlikan history

On July 27-29, 2004 - Independence referendrum was held around the Philippines, 64% are in favor while the remaining 36% voted "No"

September 1, 2005 - Maharlika declared its independence from Philippines

Maharlika ceased to exist in May 10, 2015 and its territory was sold to Falcon Islands

July 11, 2015 - Maharlika returns to life

Politics Edit

Maharlika is a federal, semi-presidential republic

President - Samuel Duterte

Vice President - Carlos Junio

Prime Minister - Maria Santiago

Geography Edit

Maharlika is located in South East Jafaria, Its neighbours are Japonicana, Sultan Al Arrayab, Atlantis and Rainbow Islands


Bonifacio - 7,315,008

Cagayan - 846,927

Federal Administrative Region of Clark - 3,771,073

Nuevo Valencia - 4,173,022

South Maharlika - 1,834,588

West Maharlika - 2,469,027


The warmest month is January and the coolest is July

Climate data in all states in Maharlika

Federal Administrative Region of Clark:

Jan: 31C-20C Feb: 30C-19C Mar: 27C-17C Apr: 23C-13C May: 19C-10C Jun: 17C-9C Jul: 16C-8C Aug: 17C-9C Sep: 19C-10C Oct: 22C-12C Nov: 26C-16C Dec: 29C-17C


Jan: 30C-18C Feb: 31C-17C Mar: 29C-17C Apr: 28C-16C May: 27C-13C June: 24C-10C Jul: 22C-10C Aug: 23C-10C Sep: 25C-13C Oct: 28C-16C Nov: 29C-16C Dec: 31C-17C


Jan: 26C-12C Feb: 25C-11C Mar: 22C-8C Apr: 18C-5C May: 15C-4C June: 14C-5C July: 13C-4C Aug: 14C-5C Sep: 16C-5C Ocr: 19C-7C Nov: 21C-8C Dec: 24C-10C

Nuevo Valencia

Jan: 32C-16C Feb: 31C-16C Mar: 29C-16C Apr: 26C-13C May: 23C-10C Jun: 21C-8C Jul: 20C-7C Aug: 21C-8C Sep: 24C-12C Oct: 26C-13C Nov: 29C-16C Dec: 30C-16C

South Maharlika

Jan: 24C-11C Feb: 23C-9C Mar: 22C-9C Apr: 20C-7C May: 17C-4C Jun: 15C-4C Jul: 12C-1C Aug: 14C-2C Sep: 16C-3C Oct: 18C-5C Nov: 20C-7C Dec: 22C-8C

West Maharlika

Jan: 32C-18C Feb: 30C-16C Mar: 29C-16C Apr: 27C-14C May: 26C-13C Jun: 22C-12C Jul: 21C-10C Aug: 22C-10C Sep: 24C-11C Oct: 26C-13C Nov: 28C-15C Dec: 30C-17C

Lowest recorded: -25.3C (Baguias, July 16, 2014)

Highest recorded: 44.2C (Lucena, February 3, 2009) 

Economy Edit

The Economy of Maharlika is rapidly growing

Primary exports include transport equipments, Mining-related products, Vegemite, Pretoleum oil and cattle

Unemployment rate in Maharlika is 3.4% as of July 18, 2015



Federal Amdinistrative Region of Clark: Edit

Clark International Airport (International)


Legazpi International Airport (International)

General Springs International Airport (International)

Geraldton International Airport (International)

La Paz Airport (Domestic)

Norzagaray Airport (Domestic) 

South MaharlikaEdit

Subic International Airport (International)

Wanka International Airport (International)

Nuevo ValenciaEdit

Boracay International Airport (International)

Villamoria International Airport (International)

Aklan International Airport (International)

Hay Airport (Domestic)

Smith Airport (Domestic)

Santa Rosa Airport (Domestic)

West MaharlikaEdit

Intramuros International Airport (International)

Umatac Domestic Airport (Domestic)

Cape Puerto International Airport (International)

Pinatubo Airport (Domestic)


Tagaytay International Airport (International)

Sagada Airport (Domestic)


Pan-Maharlika Highway (Intramuros to Mariveles, Clark to Tagaytay)

Aguinaldo Highway (Clark to Subic)

Umatac Highway (Intramuros to Japonicana) 

Wilson Highway (Mariveles to Sultanate Al Arrayab)

Great Middle Highway (Clark to General Santos Springs)

Clark-Subic Highway

San Juan Highway (General Santos to Subic)

Cocky Highway (Subic to Alps)


Clark-Legazpi Expressway

South Nuevo Valencia Expressway (Mariveles to Villamoria)

Tagaytay Circumferential Expressway (Tagaytay)

Lobregat Expressway (Around Clark)

Northern Expressway (Mariveles to Hay)

Legazpi Circumferential Expressway (Legazpi)

Donelly Expressway (Legazpi)

Skyway (Mariveles)

Taft Expressway (Clark)

Great South Expressway (Subic)


Maharlika has a sophisticated cellular phone industry and a high concentration of users. Text messaging is a popular form of communication, Maharlikan Long Distance Telephone Company (MLDT) is the leading telecommunications provider, The National Telecommunications Commission is the agency responsible for the supervision, adjudication and control over all telecommunications services throughout the country

Maharlika's average internet speed is 40.2 Mbps

Demographics Edit

Maharlika's population is 20,754,229

as of July 2015, 85.2% of national population are Maharlikans, 14.8% are other ethnic groups (Immigrants)

Historical population:

1897: 12,439

1914: 43.456

1930: 66,002

1960: 295,503

1970: 340,594

1975: 401,539

1980: 450,831

1985: 510,430

1990: 594,239

1995: 633,921

2000: 703,205

2007: 748,118

2010: 767,043

2014: 754,229

2015: 20,754,229

State Capital CitiesEdit


Clark is the national capital, The commercial and financial center and the seat of parliament in Maharlika, However, The federal administrative centre of Maharlika is located in a planned city Roxas which is located 20 km north of Clark. It is known for its beautiful sunset view, Big shopping malls, Diverse restaurants, San Pedro Cathedral and its cleanliness.

Population: 3,771,073

Founded: July 18, 1715


Mariveles is the capital city of Nuevo Valencia, It is the first Spanish settlement in Maharlika and was the capital city before World War II, Today, Mariveles is a famous tourist destination. It is known for luxury hotels, Shopping malls that can compete with Clark, Baseco Long Beach, Theme parks such as Universal Studios and also being one of the safest city in Jafaria.    

Founded: October 28, 1700

Population: 2,145,218


Legazpi is the capital city of Bonifacio, It is the northenmost and also the warmest city in Maharlika, A big and busy port city with a thriving metropolis skyline and also the fastest growing city in Maharlika, Bonifacio is known for warm and sunny weather even in winter, A great nightlife and its proximity to beautiful forests and the only desert in Maharlika 

Founded: August 6, 1803

Population: 3,245,019


Intramuros is the capital city of West Maharlika and the only land-locked major city in Maharlika, Intramuros is famous for their well preserved historical buildings in Lumang Bayan (Old Town), Man-made beaches and very clean environment, Intramuros is known as an heritage city.

Founded: November 17, 1708

Population: 1,402,484


Subic is the southermost and coldest city in Maharlika, Subic is not only the coldest city but it is also located at the southernmost tip of Maharlika. This city is well known for picturesque villages of Subic Hills and Swans of Subic River and the Subic F1 Grand Prix

Founded: Janauery 3, 1826

Population: 1,103,546


Tagaytay is the capital city of Cagayan and the smallest capital city in Maharlika, It is also becoming a popular tourist destination because of its pine trees and proximity to Maharlikan Alps and popular ski resorts in Cagayan

Founded: February 7, 1845

Population: 364,700


Filipino and English are the official languages in Maharlika

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Neptunian, Rainbowish, Spanish are also the most spoken languages in Maharlika after Filipino and English 


86.3% Roman Catholic

6.3% Islam

4.2% Others

3.2% No Religion

Culture Edit

Maharlikan culture is a combination of Eastern and Western culture, Its culture also displays a significant amount of American and Spanish influences, Traditional festivities known as barrio fiestas (district festivals) to commemorate the feast days of patron saints are common.


Government-funded TV channelsEdit

MBC 1 - Used for LYSC shows, General entertaintment, Regional News and also Documentaries 

MBC 2 (MBC Family) - Used both foreign and local dramas/movies

MBC 3 - Used for Sports and Talk shows 

MBC 4 (MBC Kids) - Cartoon shows, Educational shows, Art shows 

MBC News Channel - Used for 24-hours news

MBC HD - News in high definition

Radio stationsEdit

MBC Radio 1  - Talk radio

MBC News Radio - News and infotaintment

94.5 Gold FM - Classic hits

97.2 Hits FM - Top 40/Pop

MBC World Radio - Any languages (Coming soon)

Metropolitan commercial TV channels (Not funded by the government)Edit

More info soon


Various sports and pastimes are popular in Maharlika including basketball, boxing, cockfighting, volleyball, football, badminton, karate, taekwondo, billiards, ten-pin bowling, chess, and sipa. Motocross, cycling, skiing and mountaineering are also becoming popular. Football is considered to be the most popular sport in Maharlika.

On November 2014, Maharlika competed in 1st World Games in Birsan

Lyrical Song Contest Edit

Edition Artist Song Grand Final Points Semi-Final Points
11 Jessica Sanchez Tonight 20 65 03 80
12 Zedd ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant Find You "Did Not Qualify" 14 58
13 Leona Lewis I See You 03 234 07 84
14 Sarah Geronimo Kilometro 13 102 No Semi-Finals was held
15 Ruth Lorenzo Gigantes 05 229 Part of Main Event
16 Wanessa Shine It On "Did Not Qualify" 13 DSQ
17 Did not compete
18 Olly Murs ft, Demi Lovato Up 01 211 No Semi-Finals was held
19 The Script ft. Hall of Fame DSQ DSQ Host country
20-27 Did not compete
28 Lizzie Marvelly Collisions 17 97 7 39
29 Nina Sublatti Fall Out Law TBA TBA TBA TBA

Children's Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Finals Points
1 Shawn Mendes Life Of The Party 03 44
7 Anna Trincher One Way Or Another 19 46
8 Daniel Owen Girl Gone Bad TBA TBA

Jafarian Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Finals Points
1 Years and Years King 02 119
2 Conchita Wurst Firestorm 04 123
3 Sandra Lyng Play My Drum 03 117
4 Delta Goodrem Wings

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