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Welcome to the Lyrical Song Contest Wiki. Here you can find all editions, all countries and more information.

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Welcome to the Lyrical Song Contest Wiki.

The purpose of this Wiki is to cover all information regarding Lyrical Song Contest, the countries, songs, artists etc.

The Lyrical Song Contest users gather at the Song Contest Forums.
You can find results history for the countries on their own page or at the edition of Lyrical Song Contest.

You can alsosearch for song titles or artists to discover if the songs or artists have competed and how it went for them.

There is also an option of creating a personal page for yourself to keep track of your own results in Lyrical Song Contest. You can learn more about how to contribute to this wiki below.


Anyone is allowed to edit the Wiki. If you are new, we strongly recommend that you read the following:

Getting started Edit

The first thing you could do is to create a new page about yourself. Your username is relevant for a new page as long as you are hosting a contest or if you are participating in a contest. The page should be titled with your Song Contest forum username. Use your page to write about yourself and which contests you are participating in. You can also use this page to write down your results history in Lyrical Song Contest. Click here to create a new page.

What kind of pages can I create? Edit

You can create any page which is related to Lyrical Song Contest, with referral to other countries, events etc.


LySC 27 Logo Slogan

LYSC 27: "Breaking Borders"


Lyrical Song Contest 27 is the current edition of Lyrical Song Contest.

Classic Lyrical Song Contest 4 is the current edition of Classic Lyrical Song Contest.

Children's Lyrical Song Contest 6 is the current edition of Children's Lyrical Song Contest.

2015 Spring LIHF World Championship is currently ongoing.

CFA World Cup Spring 2015 is coming soon!

Fanta Islands is a group of islands merged in one country. Their most-used word is "Fanta".

Nova Fionia is the smallest country, only having 93 citizens.