Lyrical Song Contest 1
Relight My Fire!
Venue Ziggo Dome
Presenter(s) Irene Moors
Carlo Boszhard
Executive supervisor Jeffry Blight
Host Netherlands Netherlands
Opening act Mandy Santos
& Xuso Jones
performing "Animal"
Number of entries 11
Winning song Norway "Afterski"
Lyrical Song Contest
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The first information for the May 2014 edition of Lyrical Song Contest, also the introduction of the contest, was released on the 26th of April, 2014 by Jeffry Blight.

He will act as the executive supervisor over the contest.

The contest will be held by Netherlands Netherlands at the Ziggo Dome, in Amsterdam.

The hosts of the contests are Irene Moors & Carlo Boszhard, who've been working as a presentation duo, actors and comedians for the past 15 - 20 years.

The theme of the contest is "Relight My Fire!"


Entry Rules:

- The singer can only represent the country he/she was born in.
- The song can only be 4 and a half minutes (4:30) long maximum.
- Remixed or other versions are allowed.
- Video's can only be actual video's, or live/staged versions, no lyric video's or series of images.

Sending In Submissions
When sending in an entry, you can do so in this thread, and the entry is accepted if:

  • The entry is according to the rules.
  • If you sent your entry in with: Artist - Song Title - Video Link - 20 Second Timeslot - Broadcaster

Voting Rules

  • Participating countries can not vote for themselves.
  • The voting system will be changed according to the number of competitors.

Contest Rules

  • If necessary and the field of participants is able to, there will be a Qualifying Heat for the edition, of which countries will qualify to the final.
  • The top 5 of each edition is sure of being in the final in the next edition, if there is a Qualifying Heat.


Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries
  • None
  • None
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • Finland Finland
  • Germany Germany
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Malaysia Malaysia
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Norway Norway
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Vanuatu Vanuatu


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
6 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Arash ft. Helena One Day 7 61
2 Finland Finland Kotiteollisuus Minä Olen 11 28
3 Germany Germany Unheilig Wir Sind Alle Wie Eins 4 66
9 Hungary Hungary Cserpes Laura Úgy szállj!" 5 65
8 Malaysia Malaysia DJ Ryson We Hold It Dirty Tonight 9 52
1 Netherlands Netherlands Alex Hoezo Al Getrouwd 10 42
5 Norway Norway DJ Broiler Afterski 1 70
11 Sweden Sweden Avicii Addicted To You 8 55
4 Switzerland Switzerland Celeste & Carmel Buckingham Gone 2 70
10 United Kingdom United Kingdom Clean Bandit Rather Be 3 67
7 Vanuatu Vanuatu Vanessa Quai True Harmony 6 62

  • Celeste is not able to enter for Slovakia Slovakia, since she was not born there, she will now represent Switzerland Switzerland in the contest.
  • The BBC has announced on the 2nd of May, 2014 that Little Mix has been switched for Clean Bandit as representative, because Little Mix's song "Move" was too known, and they wanted to put in some more unknown talent.
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