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Official languages

Greek & Albanian

Ethnic groups

20% Spanish, 40% Greek, 40% Albanian


Unitary parliamentary democracy


1.28 km2


310.570 (2014)


Euro (EUR)

Time zone


National holiday

10 March


Arntry National Television (ANT)


Before it was invented (10th Of March 2011) they all thought it was a non-citizen little island. Some archeologists went to explore it and then they found that there were a lot of people living in there. Then they decided to make it independent after a lot of meetings. Artntry was accepted in the European Union in the 19th of March in 2011, and they tried to confirm in Eurovision Song Contest, however EBU didn't accepted them, for unknown reasons. Their currency is Euro (in Greek ευρώ/in Albanian monedhë). Their National anthem is: [National Anthem].


Eurovision Song Contest

Their hobby, every year. They have a big television in the centre of MonaLizier and they watch and support Greece and Albania and some people Spain. They love Eurovision Song Contest but they were never able to participate.


The people in Artntry are in love with their religion and they go every weekend to the church. They love hearing what God said and what God will teach them.

Television and Radio

The main Artntrian broadcaster is ANT (Antry National Television).


Logo of ANT.

Music and DancesEdit

Artntry if you didn't knew, has a lot of unknown singers that have been to The Voice Greece or other shows. One of them is Areti Kosmidou (both of her parents are Artntrian), who represended Artntry in LySC #9 and got 2nd place with 145 points. Also Bebe Rexha's mother is Artntrian and she will represend Artntry with her newest song.


Lyrical Song ContestEdit

     Failed To Qualify
     Last Place
     2nd Place
     3rd Place
     Automaticly Qualified

Edition Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
Netherlands 09 Areti Kosmidou "So Cruel" 02 145 No semi-finals
Gaitaniatwo 10 The Veronicas "Lolita" 14 110 "AQ"
Republica Blanca2 11 Kat Dahlia "Crazy"
Failed to qualify
13 44
IconDamiforse 12 KINGS "Ligo Akoma" 20 10 09 92
The Whitelands2 13 Lea Michele "On My Way"
Failed to qualify
09 75
Did not participate in 14
Rainbow Islands 15 Antonia feat. Jay Sean "Wild Horses" 03 172 02 248
Republica Blanca2 16 Marina And The Diamonds "Happy" 12 92 07 45
The Whitelands2 17 Bebe Rexha "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" 04 136 No semi-finals
Did not participate between 18 untill 20
Dasmia2 21 Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat "Adore" 18 76 No semi-finals
KHL 22 Ariana Grande ft. Chris Brown "Don't Be Gone Too Long"
Failed to qualify
12 60
Fanta Islands 23 Robin Schulz "Sun Goes Down" 13 111 No semi-finals
Sultanate al-Arabiyyah2 24 Alina Artts High Enough 15 145 04 159
Panacer 25 Helena Paparizou "Tha Mai Allios"
Failed to qualify
15 38
Luir-Landodios 26 Loreen "Paper Light" 10 137 01 145
South Kordom2 27 Francesca Michielin "L'amore esiste" 02 282 05 125
South Kordom2 Whitelands KHL 28 Ina Wroldsen "Aliens (her er jeg)" 27 53 "AQ"
  • In the 28th edition 3 neighbord countries were chosen to host together and they build a venue in the center of these 3 countries.

Classic Lyrical Song ContestEdit

     Last Place
     2nd Place
     3rd Place

Edition Artist Song Place Points
Kayania2 01 Kaiti Garbi "To Kati" 11 76
Did not participate between 2 - present

Children's Lyrical Song ContestEdit

     Last Place
     2nd Place
     3rd Place

Edition Artist Song Place Points
KHL 07 Sofiya Fisenko & Fedor Shchedrin "YA - ogon (Я - огонь)" 17 59
South Kordom2 08 Robin TBA

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